Japanese Luxurious Wedding Kimono or Dress

               + Location Photo Shoot Experience Tour

You are single and you don't know if you would be able to get married and have a wedding ceremony in the near future, but you would like to have some pictures of yourself in a wedding gown or in a gorgeous bridal kimono now, when you are young and beautiful..

..or you even believe that you don't really have to get engaged to be able to wear a bridal outfit..

..or you are already married, but didn't have a proper ceremony with a beautiful dress and you find this fact to be quite regretful..

..or you did wear a dress, but it was so long time ago that you would like to experience it again, or you were too busy with the wedding preparations to enjoy yourself fully during your special day and you are looking for a second chance..

Offer yourself an opportunity to experience the feeling of being a princess in a beautiful and charming city of Kyoto!

            SCHEDULE (2 days, 1 night in a hotel included) :

DAY 1 :

13:00 Preparatory meeting with the tour coordinator in Kyoto central station. Let's talk about your preferences and wishes without haste!

14:00 Moving to Ayumi Bridal dress shop and choosing the wedding gown or bridal kimono of your dreams ♪ Shop staff will proceed then to the fitting..

16:00 If you choose to wear a wedding dress, our floral designer will guide you in preparation of a special bouquet for your special day.

17:00 You will be accompanied to your hotel.


*If you wish, we can prepare some optional experiences for you :

(1) If you're feeling yourself a little bit anxious and you don't want to eat your dinner alone, the tour coordinator will accompany you. (Following prices are for 2) :

Japanese-style dinner : from 7,560

Western-style dinner : from 7,560

Chinese-style dinner : from 17,280

(3) Body treatment in a beauty salon

DAY 2 :

09:00 Meeting with the tour coordinator in the hotel lobby

09:30 Rendez-vous at Karin, the cosy atelier of our stylist. Proceeding to the make-up, hairstyling, accessories and kimono or gown dressing. All these ephemeral moments are captured by the skillful hand of professional photographer!

11:00 When you're all beautiful and ready, you will move to the photo shoot location (the Japanese garden)

13:30 Return to Karin, changing clothes, removing of make-up (if you wish). Cup of tea with photographer, stylist and tour coordinator, checking out the photos for the first time.

14:00 Tour ends here.

Photo data on usb and mini photo-album will be sent to you within 1 month after the tour date.



     PRICE :

Bridal kimono

Wedding dress

1 participant


1 participant

Weekdays and off-season



Weekends and holidays,

high season





Included in the price :

Luxurious top-quality wedding kimono or dress + accessories

English Japanese-speaking tour coordinator

Hair styling, makeup and dress up by a professional stylist (attending the photo shoot)

Hotel accommodation in a single room (1 night, without meal)

Transfer between studio and shooting location by taxi

Location photo shoot by a professional photographer

Photos on USB

Wedding bouquet (only in case of wedding dress)

Mini photo album

Planning fee

Taxes & service charges

Our collaborators :

Professional Stylist




Professional Photographer




Dress Shop for wedding




Wedding bouquet

Atelier Cotocoto



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