Kyoto is famous for its power spots, the places of spiritual energy of nature. Joining this tour, you will be able to visit 3 Shinto shrines and charge yourself with their special powers :

          economic fortune


          warding off evil


          success in business


          good luck in love and marriage!!!

Tour is available from 24Jun to 27 Jun

Depart : from your hotel at 10:00

Duration : ~5 hours

Drop off : at your hotel or other location in central Kyoto at ~15:00



¥ 38,000 for 1 person

¥ 18,800 per person (if 2 participants)

¥ 15,000 per person (for the group of 3-8 participants)

What's included: taxi fare, English-speaking driver guide or assistant, lunch box fee, taxes and service charges.


※The photo is for illustrative purposes only

Delicious lunch box included!!!


10:00  Start from your hotel


Kurumazaki jinja, a good place to ask for warding off evil, economic fortune and good marriage partner. It's also famous for its sub-shrine dedicated to entertainers. Japanese comedians, actors and musicians come here to pray for success, and it's working! Why don't you try too?


Izumo Daijingu, famous for its god of marriage. Visiting this shrine, you will acquire good luck in love as did many people before you, from the ancient times!


Enjoy a delicious lunch box on your way to the next power spot!


Kibune jinja, a shrine dedicated to the god of water and one of the greatest Kyoto power spots is well-known for its strong energy bringing good luck in love and marriage.


~15:00  Drop off at your hotel or other location in central Kyoto.


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